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Horse Back Riding Trails


With us, you'll have the chance to experience our island and its trails in the back of one of our regional horses, which are, in their nature a very gentle, kind and strong horses. In these trails, you'll be able to enjoy our green landscapes, amazing breathtaking sceneries and get to know why São Miguel is knowned as the Green Island of the Azores.

Equestrian Art Lessons - Lusitanos


If you would like to try the back of a Lusitano horse, and the noble Portuguese Equestrian Art, come and enjoy our classes ridding Pure Lusitano Horses. Since the half-passes, shoulder-ins, pirouettes, and all other  two tracked exercises by which the Lusitano horses are recognized. You will experience all the other High School and Equestrian Art exercises like Passage, Piaffe, Spanish Walk, Reverance where Lusitanos Horse are Kings performers, both ridden as on long reins. We offer 2 hours lessons per day, how many days you want for a full week. For more information contact us by phone or email.

Extreme Horse Carriage Tour


Would you like to go on a tour filled with adrenaline, but safely? Please, contact us! Pulled by one or two horses, from the Lusitano or Ponei da Terceira Breeds, we can offer you different kinds of rides in horse carriages that have disc brakes and 4 - heel traction . Máximun of 4 wayfarers, 6 years old mininum (must be accompanied by an adult) .

Equestrian Show


Come and savor a tipical portuguese dinner, with tradicional azorian food, while you delight yourself with a magnificient Equestrian Art Show, in which the Lusitanos horses can show their best work. Mininum booking for 6 people and maxinum of 50 With a mininum of 48hour notice. If you are keen on horsemanship, and want to behold an equestrian show wherever you want, please talk to us! In the traditionaly portuguese ridding ways, showcasing the highest level and skills of horsemanship and harmony .

Classical Riding Lessons


With us you can learn the wonder that is the Classical Portuguese Equestrian Art on the backs of Pure Breed Lusitano Horses, raised by Quinta do Vento Stables. The Lusitano horse is king when it come to Equestrian Art, half - passes, passage, piaffe , spanish walk, reverances come easy to them. Based in portuguese ridding methods and taught by João Taveira e Gouvêa , you can learn all of these exercises and methods both riding and on long reins.

Serra Gorda


Leaving the Equestrian Center, towards our destination, we pass through the interior of Arrifes. In Arrifes, largest dairy region of the Azores, we can see the typical architecture of this village known for its core business, agriculture. Along the way we can still find some dairies factories, welcomed by all the nature around it. When reaching the top of Serra Gorda peak, we can see a magnificent view over Ponta Delgada downtown area and some other villages of our county, always framed by the sea. Duration: 3H

Tronqueira do Nordeste


  Tour through Tronqueira do Nordeste, where we can sae the most beautiful scenery of Nordeste and Povoação. Duration: 2:30h\3h Minimum of 4 people

Relva-Feteiras Coast


  This route has its beginnings in Relva and runs through the old regional road, which remain as a dirt path towards the porthole of Feteiras. Along the way we will have the sea present throught most of the way, and also have a glance at the most natural Azorean landscapes. Duration: 2h 15m

Relva Coast


We will start this tour at the Equestrian Club and make our way to Gruta do Carvão. Then we'll cross Santa Clara towards the coast, and after, with the sea as our company, we will go towards Relva, where we'll take our way back to the Equestrian Club. Duration: 1h 30m

Cumeeira Norte


  This is a full-day ride. We'll start the ride around 10 AM in "Casa da Lomba" in Mosteiros, then we'll go up to Seara where we'll make our way through the Cumeeira Norte. Along the Cumeeira we'll have an amazing view over the Sete Cidades and the Blue and Green Lagoons. By 13h30, lunch will be served near the Nine Windows Wall, and we'll carry on with the ride between the various lakes nearby. We will start by Lagoa do Carvão (Coal Lagoon) where we will see a different kind volcanic landscape, and then Lagoa Rasa and finally Lagoad Empadadas. Duration: 5h

Furnas Ride


It is an unforgettable half-day ride that starts around the Lagoa das Furnas, where you can enjoy wonderful views of the lagoon, and where you can also observe how the typical "Cozido das Furnas" is cooked. Then we'll ride through the village of Furnas towards the fumaroles. Duration: 2 hours 30 to 3h

Mosteiros – Sete Cidades


Come and explore the Azores natural landscapes, in a magnificent ride that lasts one full-day. We will start in "Casa da Lomba" in Mosteiros, which is known for its towering islets and wonderful natural pools. Once we reach  Seara we'll start to go down to Sete Cidades. We will cover the village passing by the St. Nicholas Church and walk around both Lagoons. Arround 13.30 lunch will be served near the Blue Lagoon. After lunch we'll go up to Cumeeiras and Vista do Rei, which overlooks the entire crater of Sete Cidades, which is one of the seven wonders of Portugal. After crossing Cumeeiras we'll descend back to "Casa da Lomba". Duration: 5h/6h

Pico da Castanheira


We'll leave the Equestrian Club in Ponta Delgada towards Pico da Castanheira, crossing Arrifes, which is the largest dairy region of the Azores. We'll head for the mountain of Castanheira, where you can marvel yourself with at landscape of Ponta Delgada. Duration: 1h/1h30



  All tours that last 4 or more hours have a snack included.  Each hour in a ride costs 35€. After 3h we make a 15€ discount per hour.